3 room duplex T3D

Prices starting from
224,501 EURO + VAT

Total usable area

121,43 m2

Built area

153,31 m2
Level 1
Living room + stairs 24,48 m2
Kitchen + dinning area 16,17 m2
Hallway 6,13 m2
Toilet 3,90 m2
Level 2
Bedroom + dressing 16,00 m2
Bedroom 12,60 m2
Hallway 6,52 m2
Bathroom 6,00 m2
Bathroom 4,48 m2
Stairwell 3,15 m2
Usable area 99,43 m2
Balcony level 1 9,38 m2
Balcony level 2 12,62 m2
Hallway + relaxation space 10.90 m2
Block 1 location
Block 2 location
Block 3 location

Images, furniture and surfaces are for presentation purposes only and are for informational purposes only. Finish colors and materials used in renderings can differ in any way (color, appearance etc) of the finishes and materials that will be installed in the apartments. Presentation images do not represents an offer or contractual obligation on the part of the seller. The apartments will teach according to the Technical Specifications attached to the contracts, without furniture.

*The prices do not include the VAT rate - this shall be applied according to the conditions imposed by the fiscal code applicable at the signing date of each document/ final contract.

**Every unit has a personalized price, and this is different according with the floor, view, orientation, etc.

***This document is for information only. The Seller has the right to modify the prices and other details without a prior notification.




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